Tonight in Music: Dom, Rose’s Pawn Shop, and more

Bertie Magit / April 3, 2011

Dom, Heavy Hawaiii, Posse at The Funhouse | 4/3 | $7 | 9:30pm | 21+

Via Dom's Myspace Page

It is spring time even if Seattle’s weather is not exactly reflecting this season.  Spring is meant to be warm, full of joyful frolicking because a relatively carefree summer is just around the corner.

Warm weather begs for some chill surf-rock music to play as its underscore.  For this reason, if you go see Dom tonight at The Funhouse you might just be tricked into the spring and summer mindset!  Encouraging this mental beach party are Heavy Hawaii and Posse who will begin playing around 9:30pm.

Rose’s Pawn Shop, The Washover Fans, Sunday Evening Whiskey Club at The Tractor Tavern | 4/3 | $7 | 8pm | 21+

Via Rose's Pawn Shop's Myspace

Sometimes there are elements of different bands that overlap.  There are only so many unique noises out there, finding similarities seems inevitable.  However, this blending does not have to be a bad thing! This phenomenon presents itself in the bluegrass rock band Rose\’s Pawn Shop who sound like the singer of Hellogoodbye decided to front for a more innocent Flogging Molly.  Two good things blended can only make something better right? Decide for yourself at The Tractor Tavern tonight!


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