Tonight in Music: CryBaby comp release w/ KING DUDE, Friday Mile, Tao Seeger Band

Jason mKey / July 16, 2010

KING DUDE, My Goodness, Lovesick, The Knast, Hallways, Strong Killings, Absolute Monarchs @ Neumos 7/16 | 9pm| $5 | 21+

Dude! Do you know who TJ Cowgill is? He fronts a superb Seattle heavy group that you may have heard of called Book of Black Earth. When TJ isn’t busy with his full band, you can find him performing under his alias KING DUDE. The tunes are done acoustically and always remain dark, haunting, and strikingly beautiful. Subject material includes, but is not limited to, ghosts, werewolves, and spirits. I happen to be fond of all three of those. Tonight he performs to help celebrate the release of a new compilation from Crybaby Studios.

Friday Mile, Two Sheds, M Bison @ The Columbia City Theater 7/16 | 9pm| $12 | 21+

The Columbia City Theater has gone through a grand reopening recently and I highly recommend that you pay it a visit if you haven’t done so already. If you need further motivation, let it come in the form of Friday Mile and the disappointing news that this will indeed be the bands final show. Their music is deep and rich, bordering the ever blurring line between indie pop and alt country. They do the male/female vocal combo as good as anyone else you’ll find and are a rare act in the sense that their sound is heart warming, but never looses its backbone. This is a band that will be greatly missed.

Tao Seeger BandThe Triple Door | 7/16 | 8 pm | $18 | All ages

Tao Seeger is a ridiculously talented individual and can only be classified as an overachiever. He sings in two languages, has well crafted lyrics, and plays a mean banjo. Did I mention he’s also the grandson of Pete Seeger? Don’t let this shape your opinions though, because Tao’s music is strong enough to stand on its own. His previous band, The Mammals, found critical acclaim over the past decade and he’s been able to translate a similar brand of authentic folk rock over to his new outfit. Tao’s backing band (who at one point went by the name of The Anarchist Orchestra) are seasoned musicians who can change dynamic and tempo at the drop of a hat. Those in attendance at the Triple Door tonight are in for something special.

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