Tonight in Music: Columbia City Theater Showcase, The Mountain Goats, The Black Lips, and more

Nikki Benson / June 16, 2011

Fort Union, Hannalee, Moya, Stephen Nielsen @ Columbia City Theater | 6/16 | 8PM | FREE | 21+

Flyer courtesy of Columbia City Theater

“The Best of the New: R3” – a free concert showcasing new musical talents at one of Seattle’s finest venues. It’s tough to imagine anyone sitting on the fence about a show like this after that definition, but maybe you’re more scrupulous than I. Okay, further details:

The “Best of the New” series was started by “The Collective” which consists of The Warehouse, Sound on the Sound, and Artist Home. Thus far, there have been two installments in the series–with the “R3” of this upcoming showcase meaning “round three.”

Basically, The Collective brings together a variety of up-and-coming local musicians for a free public showcase. Past “Best of the New” concerts have highlighted the likes of Land of Pines, Bryan John Appleby, Lemolo, and Youth Rescue Mission. This time around, the line-up consists of Fort Union, Hannalee, Moya, and Stephen Nielsen.

Though loosely accurate, to peg this down as a folk show would disservice the contrasting styles of these acts. Each of them brings a unique flavour to the table. Make no mistake, these are excellent musicians and you’ll probably never have another chance to see them for free in such a nice venue.

Do yourself a favor. – Sean Palmer

The Mountain Goats @ The Show Box Market | 6/16 | 7PM |$20-22 (Buy Tickets) | All Ages

Photography By DL Anderson

The Mountain Goats are again on tour to support their new album, All Eternals Deck. This band has come a long ways since their early boom box, low-fi, indie-rock recordings, seeing success on this year’s Lollapalooza lineup, The Colbert Report, Late Night with Jimmy Fallon, The Late Show with David Lettermen, and music in the series Weeds.

Fans of Death Cab for Cutie, They Might Be Giants, and folk/punk/nerd/indie-rock genres tend to appreciate the brilliant storytelling and imagination found in their catalog.  In digging deeper, one finds varying, conflicting opinions in trying to size up this band ranging from apprehension of the exploration of supernatural themes to sainthood in their charitable disposition and song titles.  In hearing their tracks, the listener can journey through many rabbit holes ranging from these themes to songs about movie stars such as Charles Bronson, Liza Minnelli, and Judy Garland.

Rather than rely on critical acclaim, their cult following, or hearsay fortune tellers at Ye Olde Curiosities Shop like a scene from the movie Big, show goers see how rad The Mountain Goats’ live show is up close and personal on the 16th. Be there!

For your chance to win tickets to this show, e-mail with the phrase “The Mountain Goats 6/16 at The Showbox” in the subject line. Include your first and last name for the guest list, we’ll holler back if you’re the winner. Be sure to follow @SSGPromo to see all of our giveaways. – Jamison Johnson

The Black Lips, Cerebral Ballzey, Grave Babies @ Neumos | 6/16 | Doors at 8 PM | $13 adv. (Get Tickets) | +21

Photo credit: Canderson


The Black Lips will be bringing their elaborate form of garage-scum madness to Neumos on this Thursday the 16th for a show that can just about guarantee a high dose of chaos with a possible chance of—read it with me—golden showers.  I write ‘just a chance’ as the band has been gradually toning down the fluid-fest, when in the past the band would gratify an audience with a combination of vomiting, urination, and a bit of guy on guy kissing (of the three it’s this last that really seems to freak out the squares).  Are they whittling down the more disgusting aspects of their show to appeal to a wider audience?  Or are they just growing up and realizing that a large chuck of the population thinks that getting peed on is, well, shitty?  They’re touring now to promote their new album Arabia Mountain, and a listen to the record provides a hint that maybe these self-proclaimed Georgia flower-punks are making their stab for the big leagues.  But don’t go to the show expecting anything close to tame.  Taking a step back from puking on the crowd still provides ample room for craziness.

The Lips will be joined by Vice Records brethren and Seattle locals Grave Babies, who haunt the stage with a strange mixture of goth, dance, electro-punk.  Also on the bill is one of NYC’s newest and most talked about skate-punk bands Cerebral Ballzy, who sing ripping fast songs about their love of drink and will provide a distinct deja-vu for those of you who are nostalgic for New York’s original spikey-haired drunk punks, the Casualties.

For your chance to win tickets to the Black Lips, e-mail with the phrase “I want to see the Black Lips at Neumos 6/16” in the subject line! Please include your first and last name for the guest list. We’ll holler back if you’re the winner. Don’t forget to follow @SSGPromo to get all the updates of shows we’re giving away tickets to! – Nick Hilden


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