Tonight In Music: Clinic, Danzig, and SQUARE DANCING!!!

Daniel Ahrendt / November 15, 2010

Clinic, The Fresh & Onlys, The Intelligence at Neumos | 11/15 | Doors at 8pm | $15 | 21+

Liverpool’s Clinic apparently being stalked by the photographer

Clinic have been playing since 1997 with a sound described as “fast paced” and “eclectic.” Those seeing them tonight will get a main course of sound waves that doesn’t fit either of those adjectives. After releasing five albums from 2000 to 2008 composed of such vigor  and “peculiar off-scale chord progressions,” their sixth LP Bubblegum released this year features less of what everyone would expect and more reverberated pop uniformity. It’s as if they’ve had anxiety issues for their whole lives and suddenly decided to take lots of Zoloft.

They’ll be playing with San Francisco bar rockin’ spacemen The Fresh & Onlys and Seattle’s own masters of the electric arts and crafts table The Intelligence. It’ll be a good ol’ mood swing festival for one and all over the drinking age.

Danzig, Possessed, Marduk, Toxic Holocaust, and Withered at The Showbox Sodo | 11\15 | Doors at 6pm | $30 | All Ages

And the award for most…confident…metal performer goes to Glenn Danzig.

Straight from the hell mouth of New Jersey, it’s Danzig. With the release of their newest album, Deth Red Sabaoth (No I did not misspell deth, that is how deth is spelled. It’s like ‘death’ but more metal) the original vocalist for the horror punk band turned brand name The Misfits carves eviler and darker scars into his oh so metal biceps. With him he brings a menagerie of black and death (Oh sorry, I mean deth) metal bands such as Possessed and Toxic Holocaust whose names are obviously the envy of musicians everywhere. Better yet, the tour is titled “Blackest Of The Black”. If you’re itchin’ for a moshpit, head banging, and too much Pabst, there is no better place than the Showbox Sodo tonight.

Back in June, Danzig appeared on Fox News to promote his new album. Enjoy.

Square Dance Benefit for Northwest Folklife feat. Atlas Stringband and Queen City Bulldogs at The Tractor Tavern | 11\15 | 8pm | $5 | 21+


The Tractor Tavern is holding a special square dance night to benefit a little festival we all know and love, Northwest Folklife. Put on by Seattle Subversive Squaredance Society (No doubt an organization of unbridled power and influence) it will be a grand night of gallivanting and hopefully not stepping on your partners feet. Music will be provided by the Atlas Stringband and the Queen City Bulldogs with calling respectively by Gabe Strand and Charmaine Slaven.

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