Tonight in Music: Acrassicauda, Kumail Nanjiani, and more

Gabriel Arguelles / July 20, 2011

Acrassicauda, Deathmocracy, Curse the Night @ Slim’s Last Chance | 07/20 | 9pm

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Acrassicauda, the Iraqi metal band whose harsh times and uniquely pure desire to rock were immortalized in the must-see documentary Heavy Metal in Baghdad, are on their first headlining US tour. Acrassicauda play metal– not like we’re used to now, but like we loved in the 80’s and 90’s. Their influences are basic and fall between the unhallowed sounds of Testament, Slayer, and Metallica. Mid tempo thrash of this kind has gotten harder and harder to find, but Acrassicauda are true to their style. Galloping beats, guitar solos, and tortured-but-sung vocals are what this band does well. Imagine the sounds of Megadeth filtered through The Hurt Locker, and you’ll at least be in the same ballpark. Vice not only fronted the funding for their documentary (which arguably is what wound up bringing the band to the United States permanently), but they also put out their EP, the cynically but realistically titled Only the Dead See the End of the War.

This band’s desire to spread the gospel of metal has taken them from war-torn Baghdad to Syria and Turkey to California. They are the one band that can say that their practice space was destroyed by a missle. All of that drama culminates tonight, at Slim’s Last Chance Chili Shack.

People’s Republik of Komedy presents: Laff Hole! ft Kumail Nanjiani, Mike Drucker, Rosalie Gale, Zach Gabriel, Charles (sketch duo) @ Chop Suey | 07/20 | 9pm | $10 Get Tickets Here | 21+

“What are you gonna do, be racist back to them?”


What’s that? You want more Middle Eastern transplants? Instead of bludgeoning metal offered by Acrassicauda, Kumail Nanjiani delivers insightful, unique comedy. One of Papermag’s beautiful people of 2010, Nanjiani is not only a relevant young comedian but also a brand new podcast host– his new show started just last week on the burgeoning Nerdist podcast network. Indoor kids, a podcast dedicated to what it means to be a true gamer, is hilarious and features comedic guests of the more nerdy side of things: Steve Agee and Justin Roiland (Who hates the Ocarina of Time) have been the guests on the show so far.

Kumail Nanjiani is known for his fresh outlook and quick-witted delivery. Click here for the extended preview of tonight’s show and an opportunity to win tickets.

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