This Friday at the Crystal Ballroom: Celebrate 35 Years of X

Nick Hilden / May 7, 2012

X @ Crystal Ballroom | 5/11 | $20 adv $25 dr (Get Tickets) | 8PM | All Ages


What special mix of words can I effectively string together to make you even more excited about this show than you already should be? It’s X. Really, truly X. How often does one get the chance to see any of the authentic ’77 bands these days, let alone with their original line up? Exene Cervenka, John Doe, Billy Zoom, and DJ Bonebrake—none have died, none have disappeared, and none have gone completely off the deep end.

Not only is X one of the forenames of punk, they are an American institution. While they found a fitting home in the late seventies LA punk scene, X could have easily shared bills with more classic names like Chuck Berry or CCR. They drew elements from the entire proceeding span of American rock and roll and helped to alchemize a new, furious sound. X is not comprised of a bunch of no-talent punks. They actually know how to play their instruments. Billy Zoom can pull licks out of his guitar that rank among the best. Doe and Cervenka can scream, shout, but still harmonize. Praises and exaltations aside, this is going to be a fun show.

Check out this X classic, “Johnny Hit and Run Paulene”. If consider yourself a punk aficionado but haven’t seen the Decline of Western Civilization, you have some homework to do.

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