Thee Emergency

Janelle Thomas / October 19, 2009

To See Rating: 8/10
Just Curious Rating: 7/10

Band Members:
Dita Vox: Vocals,Tambourine
Matt Smith: Guitar, Vocals
Nick Detroit: Bass, Vocals
Tom T. Drummer: Drums

Thee Emergency

When I first started working for SSG Music, I was asked the question “What do you lust after regarding live shows?” “Something extra” was my response and Thee Emergency is the embodiment of  that something extra. It was obvious that Thee Emergency’s reputation and appeal preceded them as the Salmon Bay Eagles hall was filled front to back before their set at the REVERB festival began. There was a good mix of devoted fans, curious strays, other local musicians and parents just keeping an eye on their kids.

While setting up to film Thee Emergency’s set, it was clear the band was already warmed up and ready to go, but Dita had yet to grace the stage. The audience was impatient with anticipation, knowing that a good show would soon be upon them. Breezing through the crowd, Dita joined her band mates on stage as the crowd cheered. The excitement and buzz rose to a crescendo as Thee Emergency ripped into their first song.

The first couple songs where lively, but evident that they were just starting to warm up to what ended up being one hell of a set. Some new songs were played as well as some older ones. The entire group put out more energy than a hydro electric dam. At one point during a break between songs, Dita called out the audience to “Rock Out…Nobody’s gonna judge you.” Despite the lack of rocking out, it was safe to assume that the crowd was enjoying the show given that the room was packed during the entire set. To close out the night, Dita performed the entire last song in the midst of the crowd making some people uncomfortable while others (young males in particular) were lovin’ it.

Thee Emergency undeniably has that Raw Power and after having not seen them in two years, they did not disappoint.

Your next chance to catch Thee Emergency is on 10/30 at The Crocodile with The Heavy.

2 thoughts on “Thee Emergency

  1. I couldn’t disagree more. I have witnessed this band many tmes over the past 4 plus years and I really hate to say it but their material and yes even their stage presence doesn’t do it anymore.. it’s a feeling.. what happened to the bluesy balls out rock? damn i miss that..

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