The Tempers: Their Mythical Beginnings

The Tempers / November 14, 2012

Portrait by Will Miller Photography and Eva Avenue

Article by: Corina Bakker (COCOMAJIKPEBBLEZ)

SSG Music Presents: The Tempers Week

The Mythical story of the Tempers:

Although The Tempers are all grown up now they were young once, so why not get to know baby Coco, ChaCha, n Bonez! Corina and Chalia were born in the fall of 1987 in the damp seattle air. Cosmic twins born in the perpetual darkness of the rainy city they enjoyed eating cheerios and keeping twin secrets…I would tell you more but I can’t tell you. Born from a bassist and a drummer, they were infused with an unquenchable lust for rhythm and soul. They bounced around a lot, and Cha Cha was always bangin on pots and pans. In there most young impressionable years they moved to Spokane and stood watch during the birth of lil’ Jim Bonez at their Grandmother’s house.  They were told he was dropped by a stork, but they knew better.  After several days of Coco and ChaCha impatiently waiting, Bonez finally opened his eyes and smiled, where as they put a blue headband on him and whispered the plan into his ear, “we will be The Tempers from now ’til forever and it will be a shit load of fun.”

In 1996 they moved from Spokane to Kirknasty which is just east of Seattle, and wrote a song called “Scissors” about a horrid bloody massacre and a song called “White Walls” about melancholy love (listen below). They liked how it felt so they christened the room in which they were created as Kirknasty Studios (also sometimes referred to as Creamsicle Studios).  They continued to live there lives as most of us do with music twisting in and out of it like an elusive phantom friend…sometimes there, sometimes distant.

In 2010 The Tempers released Vol 1. a full length album recorded at Kirknasty Studios. A year later they put out their most recent release, Together We Are The Love Vortex, an album devoted to the heart and all its intricacies. Very most recently, as of a hot week ago, they worked with the rather magical Gordon Raphael, known most often for his work with the Strokes and Regina Spector as well as being a member of the Seattle band Sky Cries Mary. The Tempers feel ever so lucky to work with him and see magnificent creations in the near future.

Photo via Gordon Raphael

Gordon Raphael with top hat and enchanted stick.

And so there it is.. now you know us quite well and just so you can know us a little better here are some pictures and early songs.  Beautiful love to you friends.


And here for your listening pleasure… a couple early works of the Tempers:

“Scissors”: inspired by bloody visions of glitter.


“White Walls”: Inspired by a dirty southern long distant lover I had.  We met on myspace a long time ago…was modern love.

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