The Tempers: Interview & “Peek Into My Closet”

SSG Music / November 13, 2012

James Bakker (left) Chalia Bakker (center) Corina Bakker (right)

Portrait by Will Miller Photography

Continuing SSG Music Presents: The Tempers Week, we have a Tempers style interview with the band for you. Here’s everything you have ever wanted to know about the band…ever:

SSG Music: Why did you get into Music?

The Tempers: Our parents held a gun to our heads… not sure why, most parents don’t encourage their children to become burnouts. They told us if we even tried to become doctors, lawyers, or engineers they would disown us for shaming the family name.

SSG: I heard a couple of you did some modeling before. Was that a precursor to you being performers?

Corina: It was only for the hope of making mad cash money, thats all. Although I am very passionate about modeling and photography, but from an art stand point…not a JC Penny’s stand point…please and thank you.

Chalia: No…I was playing drums long before I started modeling. And I agree with Corina, I was only in it for the money…plus I’m not usually the biggest fan of having my photo taken.

SSG: One of our writers, Bebe Besch, describes your music as “Ghoul Pop.” What are your thoughts about that?

TT: We like it. Thanks Mizz Besch, not a bad description at all.

SSG: Have you ever heard any comparisons that you hate?

Corina: No but one time i went to Sally Beauty and someone said I looked like Taylor Swift… it was f’d up.

James: One time I was walking out of my friends apartment and some guy screamed and said I looked like Howard Stern.

SSG: Tell us something about each of you that someone would never expect.

James: I’m taller than Michael Jordan.

Corina: I smoked meth with a hobo and when he tried to make a move on me I stabbed him a hundred times and buried him by the railroad tracks.

Chalia: I do a lot of canning and pickling.

SSG: What do each of you do in your spare time when you’re not practicing or writing music?

James: What is spare time?

Corina: Buyin’, huslin’, and sportin swag… wearing multiple beanies at the same time… smokin j’s in the kirnast… hangin’ with my Krusty the Clown doll.

Chalia: I polish my solid chrome drums.

And now…(drum roll)…a special Tempers video feature from Kevin N. Murphy and Nikki Benson entitled “Peek Into My Closet.” They were listening to Frank Ocean while trying on clothes.

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