The Sindicate’s Quick Growth Doesn’t Keep Them From Home

Ashleen Aguilar / June 30, 2011

Vancouver, Washington may not have a massive music scene, but the bands it does have typically fall into two camps: metal/hardcore or hipster/alt-pop.

“We’re for all the people in between,” said Dominic Bianchini, singer and guitarist for The Sindicate, an alternative band whose sound is a mix of Sublime and Rage Against the Machine. They can be heavy and emotional with thick melodies. Or they can be light and playful with engaging lyrics over reggae syncopation, and their growing fan base in Vancouver can attest to their energetic live shows.

The Sindicate, whose line-up is rounded out with Josh Garrett on lead guitar, Stephen Clark on bass, and James Davenport on drums, knows their success depends on support from their fans. They often invite friends Brian Christina, aka MCBC, and Tony Alexander on stage to perform in songs like “Listen!” Pulling them up from the audience can re-energize the crowd in the middle of the show, or pump them up for the afterparties.

The band has been getting bigger shows around the Portland area. They’re working on getting a slot with Jane’s Addiction, they scored a spot on the mainstage of Hempstalk in September, and they’ll be opening for Tommy Chong at a Fourth of July shindig at Vancouver’s Mary Jane’s House of Glass. The Sindicate bubble is quickly expanding, but they aren’t forgetting where they came from.

Many of the Sindicate’s fans have been with them since their formation in 2005, and as the band becomes more popular, the Sindicate Family grows as well. One of the most frequent Family reunion spots is Brickhouse Bar & Grill in Vancouver, and Brickhouse has even named a signature drink after the band: the Sindicate Bomb!

Furthering their support of local music, the band just recorded their upcoming full-length at Vancouver’s Digital Gorilla studios. Their album release party for the self-released Generation Y is on July 2 at Brickhouse. You can listen to a few new songs on Facebook, or listen to their first single, “Everglades,” below.

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  1. you guys rock good job hope to party soon. you guys are unstoppable i love it.
    spread your love to the world 🙂
    keep it going

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