The Lovesores Release Debut 7″

Nick Hilden / July 24, 2012
Photo by Nick Hilden

Those of you who remember the Humpers will be excited to know that singer Scott “Deluxe” Drake and guitarist Jeff Fieldhouse have come together to form a new band, the Lovesores. You’ll be further excited when you hear their debut 7” release, Fast Friends/Red Alert. Joined by members from two great Portland local acts (Adam Kattau and Boz Bennes of Fast Takers and Alex Fast of LSD&D), the Lovesores are poised to inject a dose of rock into a scene that has become overrun by what is “hip”.

Fast Friends/Red Alert delivers just the shot of penicillin-punk that those of us who still love guitars and drums have been dying for. The following comparison has already been made by other writers, but it is too apt to avoid repeating. The Lovesores could tour with Chuck Berry. Ripping guitar lines carrying the tunes along at a classically break-neck pace…Chuck was a punk, and so are these guys.

The Lovesores play regularly around town and they’ll be touring consistently over the course of the next year, so if you’re looking for a healthy taste of old-school garage-rock, keep your eyes open for upcoming dates. You’re next chance will be on July 27th at Club 21, which happens to be the record release celebration. Go out and get your copy, then play it loud.

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