The Endless Quest for Total Bliss with HUSSY

Colette Pomerleau / December 21, 2018

Photo credit: Poppy Marriott

HUSSY is the project from South London-based multi instrumentalist Sophie Nicole Ellison. Ellison plays, records and layers all instrumentation herself at her home studio, where she explores relatable and vulnerable narratives through tender vocals and much more abrasive instrumentals. We talked with the sonic powerhouse about her process and what’s to come.

SSG Music: How did you get into music and more specifically, learning all of the aspects so you could play and record and release yourself?
HUSSY: I’ve been into music forever and making my own cassettes since I was really young. I had one of those playmobile cassette recorders (which I still own!) and would multi-track over the cassette. What I do now is a more sophisticated and evolved version of that method I guess! Living somewhere very isolated and where the were no people who were into music like I was I guess it was a way to be self sufficient and create my own world. I’m very specific with how I hear things in my head so I love playing different instruments and trying to achieve that.

SSG Music: Do you find yourself strongly connecting as a “London-based artist”?
HUSSY: I’m actually from the North East in the middle of nowhere so quite the opposite to London! I’ve been here for about five years now though so although I do identify myself as a London artist and feel connected to it, I still feel like there’s a part of me which is an outsider looking in. I feel more and more like I want to go back to nature at the minute but I often wonder what it would have been like to have grown up here.

SSG Music: “Playtime” is stated to have a self-reflective narrative. What specifically have you realized within yourself through this?
HUSSY: Playtime was basically a conversation I had to myself on the way home one night. Feeling taken advantage of and not with good supportive people. It’s realising you want something to change once you recognise something is having a negative impact on you. But also its pre-empting the end of the relationship and wanting it to end at the same time.

SSG Music: With “Slayer”, have you found that total bliss yet?
HUSSY: It’s an endless quest. Creativity is my bliss.

SSG Music: Who are you listening to right now?
HUSSY: I’ve just discovered Kate NV who is a Russian electronic artist. I love how she merges Japanese pop and new wave into what she does on her album Binasu. I’m also loving Palehound on the indie rock front and her album A Place I’ll Always Go, and an awesome Mexican ambient-shoegaze band called ‘Mint Field’. I’m so inspired by the drum sounds on that album right now!

SSG Music: What’s next?
HUSSY: I had another song come out recently called “Forever” and there’s plenty coming up in the new year 😉

I’ll be recording for an EP as well but there’s a few things to come out in the meantime, so keep an eye out! I started making some home-shot videos in the summer as well I’m finishing off over christmas. Also some collaborations with friends I’m excited about.

I’m coming to the states to NYC in March and will be playing the New Colossus Festival for a few shows on the 7th, 9th and 10th with a secret show in the works as well. Will be playing in Glasgow for the first time in February supporting the awesome LALA LALA which I’m really psyched about too. I am a big fan of hers and then back for the Stag and Dagger festival there in May, [with] a headline gig in March as well in London being announced soon.

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