The end of Reverberation Radio

Colette Pomerleau / March 18, 2020

Whether I had been driving through the middle of nowhere, sharing an intimate morning with a lover, or slowly cooking on a Sunday – I played Reverberation Radio. It didn’t matter what was happening; these compilations always fit.

Reverberation Radio was a Los Angeles-based organization and podcast archiving often rare and lost gems, which spanned from the early ’60s to now.  The collective, a close-knit group of collectors (members of Allah-Las amongst them) created weekly mixes drawing out everything from strange pop to experimental instrumentals. Every Wednesday, it was on: an infectiously chilled out and sunny compilation of tunes.

They’ve just shared their last mix, the 399th, which includes an upbeat German banger from Fehlfarben between their trademark iconic introductions and finally ending it all in a shockingly satisfying way.

Stream past episodes:
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