The Cult of Public Access Television – Your Daily Hour With Me

Timothy Grisham / March 29, 2016
Photo courtesy of: YDHWM/Youtube

For well over six years, and over two-thousand consecutive episodes without a break, Olympia, Washington’s public access television world has been dominated – if not by sheer constancy alone – by Your Daily Hour With Me (YDHWM).

YDHWM has been taped, edited, and broadcast daily without holidays, breaks or hiatus for the last six years. The show’s host and guiding force, Kenwrick Ward, produces a hap-hazzard mix of psychedelic ponderings, canned bits, and stream of conscious ramblings that covers the entire pantheon of pop-culture curiosities. As a prolonged art project YDHWM would be impressive, but as a piece of public television YDHWM is trailblazing – if not possibly record breaking. To put this into perspective YDHWM has produced more shows than Late Night With Craig Ferguson, the Ellen DeGeneres Show, and many more daily talk shows – all without a day off.

Your Daily Hour With Me started as a radio show, that they decided to video tape. Once the show was taped, the next logical step was to make it a daily public access television show. The format lends itself to a truly psychedelic experience. Each show airs one week after the show tapes, so when you call in – if you are watching an episode, you are actually calling into next weeks episode – so continuity is not a concern; or possibility. Also, the show doesn’t have any set taping times, though it typically tapes around nine or ten p.m. Kenwrick himself provides the best rundown of the mechanics of the show.

To the uninitiated, YDHWM might seem like a very stoned out Wayne’s World; and there may be some truth to that. But the show often goes without proper credit, providing a forum for a who’s-who of Olympia, Washington’s music and arts scene – as well as a convenient tour stop for stranded, like minded, individuals. Some of the show’s guests have included David Liebe Hart (of Tim and Eric notoriety – who has appeared on more than one occasion), Gag, Skrill Meadow, Tony Molina, the comedian Sam Miller, and a parade of friends, politicians, musicians, artists and weirdos (said with the highest regard, not as a derogatory).

Naturally, with a vault this deep, finding a good starting place can often be daunting. We suggest starting with an episode that either features a musical guest, or was shot live in studio at TCTV, they often have the most internal logic to them – and can be a great bridge into YDHWM’s version of public access television. Think of it as only taking a half dose of acid for your first trip.

You can call into YDHWM at (360) 836-4384.

Watch Olympia’s GAG perform on YDHWM:

You can witness the DEEP archive of episodes on the the YDHWM youtube channel:

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