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The Black Keys El Camino Comment Party

Bebe Besch / December 2, 2011
Cover art for The Black Keys' El Camino

It’s no shock that alternative duo The Black Keys‘ latest album El Camino has leaked and spread like wildfire in the process. Have you bashfully found yourself a download of the album early, before it’s official release on 12/7? Stereogum thought it would be fun to ask the fans who have given El Camino a preceding listen to share their opinions and we think it’s a great way to hear from some of The Black Keys’ most determined supporters. Here are a few of the comments that stuck out to us:

Zach Andrews says:

I’ve been a [The] Black Keys fan since 2005 and [in my opinion] El Camino is their strongest body of work yet.

Nick McCormac was skeptical but ultimately appreciated The Black Keys’ collaboration with producer Danger Mouse:

“As a longtime Keys fan, I was worried when they went for a richer and more produced sound on Attack & Release instead of that old bluesy, recorded-on-a-tape-deck sound of their earlier stuff. I think they finally found a good balance on this. You can tell Danger Mouse had his hands all over it.”

Opposing the hype, Justin Kenny wasn’t impressed:

“I’m kind of bummed. I expected a lot better from these guys, and they gave us an album that sounds nothing like The Black Keys (and not in a “they reinvented themselves” kind of way, but rather a more “we just sat back and let dangermouse tell us what to do” kind of way). I’m really happy that they’re raking in the dough now, they deserve it. But…they’re really lacking any of the fire or passion that drips off of their earlier albums.”

Gabe Jacobs agrees:

“First impression of the album… I really like it, but I can’t help but miss their blues.”

What do you think of El Camino, SSG Music readers? After listening to the album twice, all of the opinions expressed in this comment party ring true in specific ways. The Black Keys’ blues is amiss but overall each song seems to compliment one another. If you’re unable to find a full download of El Camino until the official release, 5 songs can be found for streaming on their website here, and you can watch their video for “Lonely Boy” below:

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