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Gabriel Arguelles / June 28, 2011

BJ Shea Comedy Riot Presents: The Anti-Social Network ft. Jim Norton, Bill Burr, Dave Attell, and Jim Breuer @ The Paramount Theatre | 07/01 | 8pm | $45 – $65 | Get Tickets Here

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The Anti-Social Network, a veritable “Monsters of Comedy” tour, will hit Seattle with some of the raunchiest, darkest comedy our fair city has ever witnessed on Friday night. Jim Norton, Dave Attell, Bill Burr, and Jim Breuer are all headliners in their own right, having filled comedy clubs, rock clubs, and theatres for years now. Now, like some kind of hilarious, offensive, disgusting version of Voltron, they’ve combined their powers.

Jim Norton, who curated the tour, is also the host. He will likely make appearances between the performances of the other comedians. Norton, a regular on the Opie and Anthony show, is known for his honest, raw comedy. He kicks people while they’re down and is completely forward about himself and his many addictions. The man makes self-deprication into an art.

Dave Attell is a heavily influential comedian– one of the important ones of the last ten years. Anytime anyone derides a young comic for being derivative, they’ll usually say something along the lines of “he’s doing Attell.” And they’ll generally do it wrong. Attell is largely behind the “dead hooker” trend in comedians taking things to the darkest places, but he’s not a dark comedian himself. His dead hookers usually had wooden pirate peg legs.

Jim Breuer had a good few years on SNL before shooting to stoner stardom with Half-Baked. Since then he’s cultivated a devoted audience and has continued being road comedian, one with a million experiences and a deep understanding of what it takes to make an audience laugh.

Bill Burr, the non-veteran of the bunch, is one of the funniest people in the world. His Monday Morning Podcast is easily the funniest of the comedy podcasts out today– no interviews or improv games, just an hour long monologue each week, where Burr spits bile on subjects ranging from sports to his favorite conspiracy theories. Burr recently graduated to headlining theaters and shows no signs of stopping.

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