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SXSW: Anoraak (Live Performance Videos and Interview)

March 15, 2012
Photo Credit: Nikki Benson

Anoraak was a joyous, unexpected find. From the SXSW streets of 6th Avenue (a busy, main block party street of SXSW), I heard surfy guitar, thick beats, and dance, dance, dancy syths. YES PLEASE! Unfortunately it was the last sixty seconds of Anoraak’s set. “What’s the name of your band?” I asked. “Anoraak,” was the answer.
“Where are you from?”
“I loved your sound! Are you playing any more shows?”
“Yeah, we’re playing like 10 more shows.”
“Awesome! I’d love to interview you if you could give me a minute.”
“I’d love to be interviewed, but I’m running to another show. Come see us at Brush Square in an hour.”
“Okay! What’s you’re name?”
“Hi! I’m Nikki Benson.”
Thirty minutes, one trip in the wrong direction, and three attempts to find the right entrance of Brush Square, I entered the “Welcome to France” showcase.

Frédéric Rivière was kind enough to give me a few minutes backstage to ask him some questions about Anoraak:

Later, I was able to catch their abridged set. They only had time for four songs, but each was new. Check out the videos below, showcasing the band’s blend of electronic and organic instrumentation. They’ve got fantastic beat sense mixed with a  dream-pop aesthetic.

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