Staff Bios

Nikki On Twitter at: @SSGNikkiB

I’m Nikki. I started SSG in December of 2008 wide-eyed and unaware of the adventure I was embarking upon. It’s a gift to be able to serve others in such a prolific capacity and a joy to do this work full-time. On top of that, being able to lead such a strong team of talent is a privilege–I don’t take it for granted. I’ve been playing music since I was 12. Also, I was a studio and performing artist from 2003-2005, so I know how much courage it takes to put art out in the world for others to critique. Fundamentally, music is my life, artists are my kin, Seattle is my home.


During the day I’m a professional nerd but at night I’m an album-reviewing, karaoke-pumping, meat-marinating hero. I liked Radiohead a lot (A LOT) in high school but now I think they’re “ok.” My first tape was the soundtrack to TMNT II: Secret of the Ooze. Currently obsessed with all things gloomy electronica, Korean pop music, and Terius Nash. My dream is to teach a 10 week course about R Kelly at a community college.



Colette Pomerleau –

A runaway from Las Vegas, Nevada constantly preoccupied with music, design, blanket forts and burritos, I find contentment in communicating my experiences and observations. 




Johannah, here! A Seattle native, I went to Boston University for college thinking I wanted to be as far away from home as possible. Five years later, I realized there’s no place quite like the Northwest, and decided to move back.

I love all aspects of event production, most especially I love working with Festivals. I do PR for Bumbershoot. In the off season I coach gymnastics and instruct Zumba.

I love all kinds of music, but you’re most likely to find me at some synth pop or indie electronic show. James Mercer and The Shins turned my world upside-down with “Oh, Inverted World”. Before that, I’ll admit I was definitely a top 40’s child.

I can’t live without dessert every day, some kind of physical activity (dancing, hiking, though not a huge fan of running), cinema, the ocean, and cheese. I am absolutely obsessed with dogs.

Melissa On Twitter at: @MellyMarieD

I’m Melissa, a five-foot tall ball of spice! Seattle’s been my home after moving from Monterey, CA six years ago. I have a degree in journalism from Seattle Pacific University. I’m a country girl at heart, but love all kinds of music. I can’t live without reality TV, wine & chocolate. I used to work for Q13 FOX News and had my own talk radio show for a few months. I watch way too much MTV, VH1, E! & Bravo for anybody’s good. SSG Music is my perfect storm of media & music, so I’m overjoyed to be a part of the team. Oh, and I start everyday with a dance party.


Midwestern transplant Aaron Sharpsteen traveled to Portland to attend graduate school in 2008. He had been writing bad poetry and passable academic work for years when he was brought on by SSG Music in February 2012. He currently writes album reviews, show previews, and some features columns for SSG Music, as well as regularly attending shows in the Portland area. His musical interests mostly fall on the heavy side of things, though he can usually find something to appreciate in almost anything. Besides writing about music, he has also played drums for several years.

Daniel On Twitter at: @fplusimages

I’m a recent graduate of Pacific Lutheran University with a bachelor’s degree in musical arts. I work in childcare, writing, photography, paper-pushing, and A/V environments to fund my habits in music/radio/sound worship, photography, writing/reading, comic illustration, traveling, and lounging. I’m quite happy to be a senior staff member for SSG Music and to further document the NW scene through visual and aural apparatuses. I can also teleport and shoot lasers out of my eyes.




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