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Lindsey Scully / January 23, 2012
Photo via St Paul de Vence's Facebook

On any dreary and wet evening in Fremont, an eclectic neighborhood in Seattle, WA, you can see many people taking walks with their dogs or going for a jog. On this particular evening in early January, it was misting and already dark by dinnertime, the streets were aglow with fluorescent streetlights and car headlights that flicked onto various buildings as they passed. There were numerous people passing by this one particular building that was bursting with music, laughing, and golden lighting and the men of local St Paul de Vence were the reason for all the commotion.

SSG Music had the honor of hanging out with the guys from St Paul de Vence for an intimate acoustic set and interview which was hosted at Fremont Mischief Distillery. The distillery boasts steampunk-esque equipment and they truly take into everything and really make a concentrated effort on even the most minute details. The below videos were shot in their Tasting Room, of which we highly recommend you go visit and sample their delicious drinks.

St Paul de Vence is a local quartet that are partially based out of the Seattle area and Bainbridge Island. The initial idea behind the band was lead singer Benjamin Doerr’s grandfather’s tales from his years living in France during the WWII occupation. His grandfather’s stories have been lyrically transposed into acoustic nostalgia-folk songs complete with a banjo, autoharp, concertina, guitars, tambourines, and even a ukulele. The quartet are known for their energetic live shows and hopefully you will experience that in the above and below videos with their performances of “Pink Wine” and a new song titled “Eventually” which is off their upcoming debut eponymously titled full-length album.

“Pink Wine”

“Eventually” w/Interview at Mischief Distillery Seattle

St Paul de Vence will be holding their album release party at Columbia City Theater on 1/29. They will be joined on stage by Le Wrens and a special secret headliner “Bonfire So-So.”

We’d like to thank Matthew Ellis at Battledancer Productions for shooting this! Check out his website for more video goodness.

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