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Lindsey Scully / January 27, 2012
Photo via Ben Fisher's Facebook

In the past couple years we have seen a resurgence in the folk music scene. From new bands getting on the neo-folk wave (Mumford & Sons, The Head & The Heart) to even older musicians coming out with new material (Tom Waits, Leonard Cohen) there is a definite demand for the genre.

Local Ben Fisher sat down with SSG Music on a very brisk day at Ballard’s Kiss Cafe and talked about how he got into music, busking, and his songs. Between sipping a hot tea and warming up, Fisher mentions how he use to be in a Mariachi band, what artists his parents listened to while growing up, his take on Kickstarter, and much more. He strolled down to the Ballard Locks for a small performance for us before the interview. While you can see Fisher’s breath coming out as he sang, and his fingers turning white due to the cold, the young singer/songwriter stuck it out and performed like it was a Summer day at the Ballard Farmer’s Market, where he often busks. People could hear his voice from across the Locks and would walk over during his performance and watch, kids would stop dead in their tracks while their parents tugged them along, and young couples would walk over and hold hands and listen. This is a testament to Fisher’s vocals, guitar skills, and his lyrics.

Ben Fisher’s style is easily categorized as “folk” and upon hearing him for the first time you instantly notice how Bob Dylan and Townes Van Zandt are influences of his. Between his guitar plucking and booming vocals, Ben Fisher has this magnetic draw that sucks people in. His songs vary on their meaning, bouncing from fishing in “Cast Your Line” to the Ballard Locks in “Hiram M. Chittenden” but Fisher paints colorful lyrics and stories throughout his entire album. If you have the chance you catch him at a live show, do so. You will definitely not regret it and this is a musician who will continue to only finesse his art.

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Fisher has a full-length album, Heavy Boots & Underwoods, out via his Bandcamp page and is currently working on new material for another release this year. Ben Fisher has an upcoming show on 2/3 at the Q Cafe with Kithkin and Learning Team.

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