SSG Music Seeks Concert Content Editor

SSG Music / December 14, 2012

Do you love music? Do you love concerts? Are you highly organized and have great leadership skills? Do you have a decisive voice? Would you like to steer the ship of SSG Music’s concert content? 

SSG Music is currently looking for our next Concert Content Editor. The position is not currently paid, but there are a lot of reasons why joining SSG Music at the level of a Managing Editor would be a good move for someone ambitious and early on in their writing career. If you’re interested, please see the job description below and e-mail with the phrase “Concert Content Editor” in the subject line with your first and last name. Be sure to include a copy of your resume and a brief introduction including details of why you think you’d be a good addition to SSG Music in this capacity. If you’re interested in applying to be a contributor, apply here.

We’ll be in touch, and thank you so much for considering SSG Music worthy of your contribution.


General Description:
The SSG Music Concert Content Editor oversees all concert content on the website while functioning as the main liaison between writers and artists’ public relations managers for live preview/review coverage and oversees ticket giveaways.

Work Status: Part Time

About SSG Music:
We serve the global community of music by creating a space where anyone can come to engage in a rich conversation where the music speaks loudest.

SSG Music’s Leadership Promise:
We develop each member of the SSG Music family, inspiring them to use their unique gifts by fostering both personal and professional growth, all the while holding steadfast to our commitment to the music.

Full Job Description:
The Concert Content Editor is responsible for managing his/her staff of writers, while coaching those writers in a way that challenges them to further develop their writing skills. The Concert Content Editor is a part of the Editorial Content Team which requires them to maintain regular communication with other Content Department Editors at SSG Music, assisting them if and when necessary. The Concert Content Editor also reports to the Senior Management Staff, and is required to participate in weekly editorial content team meetings. Among more specific duties, the Concert Content Editor will serve as the liaison between writers, venues and artists’ public relations managers. They will manage the monthly preview and review calendars, while facilitating coverage requests and ticket giveaways. The Concert Content Editor will also assist the Festival Editor when necessary by helping coordinate live festival coverage, and will be in constant communication with the Features Editor when opportunities for larger scale interview opportunities arise that are best suited for that section. This Editor will be responsible for maintaining a close eye on effective SEO practices for their department, creating all required slider graphics, and providing all necessary content to the Social Networking Manager. The ideal Concert Content Editor is constantly seeking ways to improve and grow the concert content department at SSG Music.

Department: Content
Reports To: Senior Editor

Required Skills:

  • Passion for all types of music
  • Strong written and verbal communication skills
  • Experience writing/copy editing both factual and opinion based music content
  • Familiarity with both digital and broadcast photography
  • General managerial experience

Experience: 1+ years at an online or print publication in a lead editorial or managerial position
Education: Bachelors Degree in Business, Communication, or Journalism preferred

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