SSG Music Presents: The Tempers

SSG Music / November 12, 2012

Photo Credit: Will Miller Photography

As you might have seen in our super-awesome press release (sign up for our news letters here), SSG Music is enamored with The Tempers.

The Tempers are a band that is hard not to sensationalize. They are three mythical, amazonian siblings who make funky goth-electronica. Starting from a foundation of ’70s psychedelia, they inform their style with addictive pop sensibilities and turn everything upside down with dark, effected, monster vocals. They create a space where the listener can celebrate their inner-weirdness while at the same time providing groovy, accessible, unforgettable music.

Listen to the studio version of “You Must Be Crazy” from their 2012 EP, Together We Are The Love Vortex:

The band’s live shows are nothing short of pure entertainment. Lead singer Carina Bakker is a 25-year-old fashionista who enjoys expressing her stage characters not only in voice but also in costume. Having a background in professional modeling, it comes as no surprise that Carina isn’t afraid to wear things that most of us would never dream of, such as a rainbow snakeskin bodysuit or a shear, lace bride of Frankenstein dress with painted on blood dripping from her mouth. YIKES!

Those costumes accentuate the dynamic energy crafted by the Bakkers three on stage. Vocal effects, dancing, pounding drums and wiggle-enducing synths bring it all together for a live experience as fantastic as Labyrinth (1986).

Watch The Tempers – “You Must Be Crazy” live at The Comet Tavern:

SSG Music had an opportunity to meet with The Tempers to talk more about Carina Bakker’s vocal style and stage personas. Check out the video interview below.

The Tempers Interview filmed and edited by Kevin N. Murphy. produced and edited by Nikki Benson

This week we’ll be running features on The Tempers to give you a cheeky peek into the lives of the the Bakker’s and what makes them tick. We’re calling it “SSG Music Presents: The Tempers Week“– yes, we’re that creative when it comes to titling. We’ll be bringing you portraits from Will Miller Photography (styling by Eva Avenue), video features and in-studio performances from Kevin N. Murphy, and plenty of content from the band members themselves as a way for them to connect directly with their fans, old and new. So, to keep your eye on all of the SSG Music Presents: The Tempers Week content, bookmark this archive.

See you soon!

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