SSG Music Presents: Pony Time – PREMIERE: “Fleetwood Mac”

Melissa Daniels / July 11, 2013

This week, SSG Music is bringing you an exclusive look at Seattle’s own garage punk band, Pony TimeEach day this week we’ll be releasing some tasty treats, including some portraits by SSG’s own Jean-Marcus Strole, that will help get you acquainted with one of our favorite bands whose music you definitely need in your life. Enjoy!

Pony Time - By Jean-Marcus Strole

And here you thought Tuesday’s free download of “Hippy Shit” was as good as it got! HA! SSG Music is thrilled to have the opportunity to premiere Pony Time‘s latest single “Fleetwood Mac” as part of our week long frenzy on the Seattle duo who have basically brought meaning back into our 60s garage rock loving souls.

Drummer Stacy is a huge Fleetwood Mac fan and had every intention of laying down a cover of one of the band’s esteemed songs. But naturally, there’s no good story without conflict. Luke laid down the law and was fully opposed to another cover, after all, they’d already tracked “She’s Just 15” by The Milkshakes, along with a few others. And like any solid partnership in a band, compromise found its way between the two bandmates. Luke offered to write a song about Fleetwood Mac to appease Stacy’s favor of covering one of their songs, and below is what transpired.

Enjoy Pony Time’s ode to “Fleetwood Mac” below, and let us know what you think in the comments below!


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