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Spotlight Olympia V: Go For It!

Timothy Grisham / March 30, 2012
The Bangs with Rachel from the Need Via Olympia Power and Light

We have tired to make these Olympia spotlights run on Friday, but the last installment ran only a few days ago (late) because I was in Boise, ID attending the Treefort Music Fest.

The Minneapolis based heavy psyche band Crow put out their debut LP in 1969. The LP is famous for the track, “Evil Woman (Don’t Play Your Games With Me)” which would go on to be covered by Black Sabbath.

I was always attracted to the biker imagery of the record’s cover, but for me the record is famous for the liner notes mentioning Olympia, WA as the place where Crow first found their “audience.” Olympia, whether being the place where Buck Owens discovered Don Rich, or the audience discovered Crow, has always been a place of musical exploration and discovery.

Spiritual Warriors Demo Hits Youtube:

A small group of local Olympia punks have created, and posted, an eight minute, noisy, blown out blast of raw music.

The new group, Spiritual Warriors, features members of Crude Thought, Gun Outfit, and Weird TV.

Bangs Play Some Reunion Shows:

Having just played their first set in Olympia in a number of years last night (other than a benefit show for a friend stricken with cancer two years ago) Bangs, or The Bangs, have a couple more reunion shows on the horizon.

On Sunday, April 1st the band join the reunited Hot Snakes for a show at Portland’s Doug Fir Lounge, with an  encore of sorts on Monday, April 2nd at Seattle’s Neumo’s.

The Portland Mercury recently did a wonderful write up on the reunion, despite asserting that Sarah Utter and Peter David Connolly have been quiet on the music front of late; they perform in Western Hymn and Mona Reels respectively.

With no real plans beyond the shows mentioned, let’s hope that this reunion is not as temporary as the last!

Kickstarter Update:

A few weeks ago we spoke about Kickstarter campaigns in the Olympia community. With 47 hours to go, Broken Water have funded their campaign to finance the album, Seaside and Sedmikrásk.

Bandcamp Top 15 (as of 3/30/12):

1. (position last week 1, weeks on list 5) Christian Mistress — Possession
2. (2, 5) Crumbs — Hallow Tongue
3. (4, 5) Happy Noose — Happy Noose
4. (5, 5) RVIVR — Dirty Water EP
5. (3, 5) Kickball — Everything is a Miracle
6. (7, 3) Dance Archy – Dance Archy
7. (8, 5) Four Minute Mile — Indian Summer
8. (9, 5) Broken Water — Peripheral Star
9. (6, 5) Teradaktyle — Just the Good Bits
10. (15,2) Arrington de Dionyso — Songs of Pyschic Fire Vol. 4
11. (10, 2) Camp Wisdom — Many Names, Many Voices
12. (13, 2) Briana Marela – Water Ocean Lake
13. (11, 5)Generifus — I Don’t Have to Worry
14. (New) Kickball — Huckleberry Eater
15. (New) Meowtain — Meowtain EP

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