Premiere: Portland Duo Dreckig Share “Die Zukunft Ist Jetzt”

Colette Pomerleau / October 26, 2017

Dreckig is Papi Fimbres & Shana “Azúcar” Lindbeck. The Portland-based, “cumbia/kraut influenced club banger duo” began this project through drum lessons and through their other project, Orquestra Pacifico Tropical. Dreckig is their newest accomplishment, and we’re beyond excited to premiere “Die Zukunft Ist Jetzt” from their album to be released next month, Space In Time/Time In Space.

“Die Zukunft Ist Jetzt” translates to “the future is now”. This moody-cosmic-electronic soundscape gets stuck in your head through its hypnotic and revolving layers, but you’re better off this way. Lindbeck slides these important statements over barbed wire melodies, “we know how this story goes, but is this what you want? Forget about money and stress. We can change. The future is now.”

Sharing more background on the song, Lindbeck states:

“We started collecting ideas and concepts for this album while we were living in Germany for seven months. Making notes of our surroundings, the country, the people, the music we were listening to. Once we were back in Portland we met up with Johann, our recording engineer and started working on stuff. We sing mostly in Spanish, but this time we really wanted a German song. It’s not an easy language to sing in. ‘DZIJ’ is about living through the same shit over and over. One can see it more clearly in an older civilization, like Germany, but it’s everywhere. We have these patterns, we fight then fall then learn (hopefully!) and then do it all over again.

Germany had just let in over a million Syrian refugees while we were there and you could just see the inner conflict in everyone about how to deal with this. Most people were excited! Willing to help, share their prosperities. Some people so scared about what will happen, some so closed off and full of hate. But mostly there was this ‘WTF’ feeling. Why is this happening again? War. Hate. Some assholes making it hard for everyone else. This song is not just about Germany. It’s about everywhere. We’re all dealing with this right now.”

Listen to “Die Zukunft Ist Jetzt” below.

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