Song Premiere: King Mob – “To Rot”

Aaron Sharpsteen / November 22, 2017

(Editorial disclosure: The author of this piece is in this band)

The holidays start soon, with stress and aggression starting to come at an all time high. Long shifts at work, the crushing expectations of materialism, forsaken and truly evil holiday music blasting from every stereo. How can we cut through the muck and channel the darkness that defines this time of the year?

Enter King Mob, with their first single, “To Rot.” From their upcoming album, due out in Winter/Spring 2018, the song is a less-than-two-minute blast of sludge, d-beat, and black metal aggression that is sure to bum out some squares and get your fists pumping. Press play and turn this one up as loud as it can go. Bonus points if you are plugged into a loud stereo system in a shopping mall.

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