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Song Of The Day: 764-HERO – Loaded Painted Red

Allen Huang / June 16, 2011

June-uary is a time of retrospection. You’ve gotten your spring cleaning done, but summer isn’t here yet so who cares. No doubt while sifting through stacks and stacks of nostalgia you’ve had piled in your room, you come across an element of the past that catches your eye. “This is important,” you say to your Thursday tour t-shirt, or your Warped Tour ticket stub, or that pipe that girl gave you at the Radiohead show at the Gorge that one year.

This song is a song for growing up in a world of June-uaries, performed by possibly by the most June-uary band of them all, 764-HERO. John Atkins’ songs, though sad, were strangely empowering, continually marching forward to the beat of a softly recorded drum. Layers upon layers of melancholy timbre saying “yeah it’s rough sometimes” but also saying “you’re not alone.” It’s a sentiment that every over-emotional teen growing up in a temperate climate can relate to.

Alas, this uniquely post-pubescent sentimentality does not last long. The power of June-uary is immediate and vivid, yet fleeting and bittersweet. Eventually, the sun does come out. The t-shirt goes into a large plastic bag for Goodwill. The ticket stub gets tossed.The pipe goes back into the shoebox, marked “Other.” It will be a whole year before new embarassing shirts and past-expiration date drug paraphanelia will resurface.

Pardon the sound quality on this one, it was either this or a performance at The Breakroom and let’s just say personal video recorders and their microphones have come a long way since 1998.

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