Slideshow projects charming jangle pop with their new EP, Midnight Language

Colette Pomerleau / August 9, 2019

Credit: Courtesy of Slideshow’s Facebook

Austin, Texas-based Slideshow coincidentally were all transplants from nearby Northeast corners of the United States. Dylan Hewkin, Christian French, and Kyle Garcia found each other through a mutual friend and were ultimately brought together through their love of honest, silky guitar-focused pop music.

“Midnight Language”, the title track and lead single from their upcoming debut EP just released this month gives listeners a chance to sway to the music they call themselves “carbonated jangle pop for the unsettled stomach“. It plays as if it was destined for a day trip in the sun, with Hewkin’s distantly soft vocals soar through playful guitar melodies.

Opener “Catch a Fever” slowly eases, showcasing the musicians’ use of caution in a charming way. “Nothing to See”, like the EP’s title track, is an upbeat and easily addictive song that could be played over and over. The EP ends with “Between the Ends”,  adding in a few country-esque elements – perhaps to foreshadow what’s coming musically for the band next?

Stream the full EP below.

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