Site News: SSG Music to End Review Ratings Beginning January 3rd

Justin Spicer / October 17, 2012

As the critical world continues to apply quantitative data to works of art (sorry to see Exclaim! adopt the practice ), SSG Music wants to move in a different direction.

The fun in criticism isn’t to pick numbers from written words, it’s writing a truthful, insightful and discussion-provoking article that isn’t an attack on one’s taste but on the inherent value of art. Does the music move you? Does it reflect on the state of a genre or scene? Is it forward-thinking, overdue or a retronym?

SSG Music doesn’t think that highly of itself. We’re just dedicated writers in love with the music, with enough education and experience to know when an album falls short or when it is worth your time and money.

It’s with this in mind that we move to end the rating system at SSG Music. Rather than embrace a number or fill in some stars, we want you to connect with the critic; to read the whole review. We don’t want to boil down work to a digit and we wouldn’t want you to see a number and think a review is positive or negative based on the strength/weakness of a few decimal points.

Beginning Jan. 3, album reviews will no longer contain any score. How you want to rate and rank is up to you. We want eagerness in reading what our critics and reviewers have to say, whether you agree or not. We want our writers excited to write critiques that elicit reader reactions–whether they be lofty praise or disdainful tweets.

It’s time to foster community again, to take back creativity in all art forms. We know you won’t always be happy or agree with our writers and that’s okay. Maybe you need a rating system to know how to spend your money and spare your time. That’s all well and good. We hope that you will still love us and find that reading our reviews without numerical accompaniment keeps you a fan of music and of our slice of the internet.

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