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Shredding on Saturday Night – Rabbits at Club 21

Aaron Sharpsteen / December 6, 2012

Rabbits | Fist Fite | Monogamy Party | Brokaw @ Club 21 | Dec. 8th | 9pm | FREE! | 21+

Who says that Portland and Seattle have to hate each other in every regard? There’s a new line of thinking over at Good to Die Records, with bands from both cities becoming positively chummy. Three of the bands from the Seattle based label are going to grace the stage at Portland’s  Club 21 on Saturday night, a day after rocking some asses up in the Seattle area. Good to Die is putting out some of the best heavy music the Northwest has to offer, and the show is free, so missing this show is almost inexcusable.

Rabbits. Photo by Aaron Sharpsteen

Rabbits are going to close out the night with their signature sludge punk. Fans who have been paying attention probably already know the story: Rabbits got signed to Relapse, received less than optimal support for their first album, and were subsequently not picked up by the label for another release. In the face of all this, they dared to ask “So what?” and have put out one of the year’s gems in Bites Rites. An assault of pummeling drums and sludgy guitars is going to be the order for the evening. Attendees should get ready to be close, as the already less than big venue is most likely going to be packed by the time Rabbits takes the stage.

Fist Fite. Photo courtesy of the band’s Facebook.

Portland’s Fist Fite co-headline the evening with Rabbits and bring a slightly different feel to the proceedings. Their music is just as hard and heavy, but it also adds a slinky feeling of grooviness. Portland hips may be shaking while heads are bobbing. Hopefully fans will be rowdy enough to entice vocalist/keyboardist Jonnie Ray Monroe into some of her trademark antics. Fist Fite is known for putting on energetic, raucous shows, and this night promises to deliver more of the same.

Monogamy Party. Photo by Invisible Hour Designs.

Seattle’s Monogamy Party are going to look a little different than the last time they were down here, namely because they have decided to add a guitar player to the lineup, which used to consist solely of a vocalist, bassist, and drummer. There’s only a couple things you need to know about Monogamy Party. Firstly, they do an eerie job of channeling a more frantic These Arms are Snakes, so that is reason enough to go see them. Also “Covenant of Brothers” is probably one of the best songs put out this year, so seeing it live is highly recommended.

Brokaw. Photo by Invisible Hour Designs

It’s kind of hard to believe Brokaw is opening this show. With a lineup full of great bands, someone has to do it, and articles like these are meant to encourage people to get out early. Do not miss Brokaw. This bears repetition. Do. Not. Miss. Brokaw. The band is the result of a collaboration between Stuart Dahlquist (of Burning Witch, Goatsnake, Sunn 0))), and Asva) and a number of other Seattle music veterans. Their debut, Interiors, is one of the most overlooked and under-rated releases of this year. Show up, buy it, and proceed to take in one of Seattle’s best underground rock bands.

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