Show Review – Dinosaur Jr. at the Crystal Ballroom

Jose Velazco / October 8, 2016

Dinosaur Jr. Slay the Crystal Ballroom

Dinosaur Jr.
Dinosaur Jr. / All photographs by José Velazco

Dinosaur Jr. came to the Crystal Ballroom last week and filled the room with their quintessential sound. J. Mascis‘ Jazzmaster wailed with feedback reverberated within the crowd’s still ringing ears. Attendees, many of who came late to the festivities, were also treated to Murph‘s steady drum beat and Lou Barlow‘s guitar-like bass lines.

The band was in town promoting their latest record, Give a Glimpse of What Yer Not.  This marked their fourth effort since since their 2005 reunion. The group’s seasoned members seemed quietly poetic and workman like in the delivery of the music. Dinosaur Jr. is a band of equals: J. Mascis’ wall of amps, Murph’s drums and Barlow’s gear all are placed nearly at the same distance to the stage. Mascis, stage left, sang in unassuming tones, consistently tip toeing the line between an audible drawl and drowned out guitar hero.

J. Mascis
J. Mascis / Dinosaur Jr.


The set included the classics such as “Feel the Pain” from the 1994 record Without a Sound. Vocal harmonies were fresh and reminiscent of early recordings. Mascis’s effortless solos filled the room with a mix of hard rock licks and post grunge dissonance. The gentle swaying of people in the all ages section briefly opened and gave way to a 90s style mosh pit during choruses. The relatively tame pit quelled after the song’s conclusion, but during its brief formation, one could only ask: will anyone crowd surf?

Dinosaur Jr. / Murph
Dinosaur Jr. / Murph
Dinosaur Jr.
Dinosaur Jr.

The quick demise of the crowd’s moshing mimicked the band’s energy throughout their performance. Mascis unassumingly spoke once to the crowd thanking them for their attendance. That seemed to be enough as the band let their music do the talking.


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