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Show Review: Charlie Megira Acid Trip

May 14, 2015
All photos: Keanu Narciso.
All photos: Keanu Narciso.

In my short lifetime, I’ve already noticed specific days and nights that spiral into a life-changing event. Last November, my life switched routes via an acid trip and surfing on dark waves of sound through Charlie Megira.

Charlie Megira & the Bet She’an Valley Hillbillies headlined a¬†Saturday night show at one of the darkest Portland eastside venues, the Know. The space itself holds significant character (one of the last punk venues in town and surrounded almost entirely by new bougie Portland shops). It seemed fit for the moody Israel-based three piece. Megira leads surf rock into the darkest alley, combining rockabilly, garage and punk influence for the most rewarding sounds. It’s not for everyone, but those who tuned in that night were rewarded.


Listen below. “Jack the Ripper” makes it easy to imagine a terrifying handshake with a dark character. As the song carries on, Megira proves his charm by the isolated guitar surf solos. This song, in particular, was a highlight for the night and one you can experience now.

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