Wooden Indian Burial Ground, Grandparents, Summer Cannibals, And And And at Star Theater 6/29

Colette Pomerleau / June 28, 2013
Photo courtesy of Wooden Indian Burial Ground’s Facebook page.
Photo courtesy of Wooden Indian Burial Ground’s Facebook page.

Wooden Indian Burial Ground , Grandparents , Summer Cannibals , And And And @ Star Theater | 6/29 | Doors 8pm | $5 | Get Tickets | 21+

Wooden Indian Burial Ground roar seductive yet aggressive lullabies in a tangle of feedback with no reservations. This is their first show since touring the states. Before that, they were playing show after show around the city. Vivid and memorable impressions were made. The sound produced requires curiosity. Rolling over from subgenre to subgenre, it is difficult to accurately label the music. There’s a bit of rock ‘n roll, experimental, soul, garage rock and psychedelic. For those who have never witnessed the pandemonium, they recently interviewed with WNYC’s Soundcheck. Check it out here. New sounds are to be released with the new album soon.

Photo courtesy of Grandparent's Facebook page.
Photo courtesy of Grandparent’s Facebook page.

Those going to this show will get reprieve from fuzzy sounds, yet they probably won’t complain when it’s coming from Grandparents. The distortion gushes a soft cushioning for the jangly guitars and charming vocals. Some of the songs hint at a bit of old Western soundtrack influence. For fans of Real Estate, it’s a definite hit. It’s easy to recognize how much energy went into the recordings, and it’s exciting to think about how much energy will be present in the live performance. They’ve also got an album coming out in the near future.

Summer Cannibals. Photo by Jason Quigley
Summer Cannibals. Photo by Jason Quigley

Summer Cannibals are sassy but not too sassy to join in on the fun. The smooth vocals have obvious punk influence, and go wonderfully with the heavier instrumentation. There are infinite amount of opportunities to dance. “Wear Me Out” could be the song that ships them away from bridge city into a pool of talented up and comers. The summer is nearly complete, as they have a new album set to be released in August.

Photo courtesy of And And And's Bandcamp.
Photo courtesy of And And And’s Bandcamp.

Although it’s unclear as to if And And And are releasing an album this summer, the newest addition to the lineup is highly appreciated. These guys play music evocative of alternative rock in the ’90s. It’s a good idea to get blasted away to a more relaxed decade for an hour or so. There are unabashed and wild vocals. Amid a spree of teasing guitars and energizing drumming, it’s easy to fall under the influence. Someone might chug if they play “I Wand More Alcohol (It Makes Me Sadder)”, so it could get messy. It’s a good thing that this falls on a Saturday night.

Choosing whether or not to go to this show is akin to a choice between living and dying. The only possible excuse for staying home is if you’re also working on an album release for this summer.

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