Show Preview: Protomartyr in Dublin

Kane Stanley / March 30, 2016

Smoke Rings

Protomartyr @ The Workman’s Club | 8pm | €14 | 18+

Since the turn of the year, Detroit noise rockers, Protomartyr have been ferociously touring the United States. Fresh from the sunny SXSW festival, they kick off their European tour at The Workman’s Club in Dublin on the 31st of March. A big tour it will turn out to be as well, with 32 shows taking them right into the heart of the festival season in mid-July. There’s always something special about a tour kickoff and a typically heavy evening should be expected in one of Dublin’s more intimate and enjoyable venues.

Protomartyr have been busy over the last couple of years, cramming an immense amount of touring between releasing Under Color of Official Right in 2014 followed most triumphantly by The Agent Intellect in 2015. Both albums lean towards an almost doomy post-punk side, but the gems really stick out in The Agent Intellect. The album quietly kicks off with “The Devil in His Youth,” which leads with only a repetitive guitar riff before the dark and low voice of vocalist, Joe Casey sets the mood for the rest of the album.

Indeed, Casey’s mysterious vocals have become a defining aspect for the band, drawing comparisons to legends like Ian Curtis and Nick Cave when he’s not talking his way through a song. Like Curtis, he chooses to leave the instrument playing to the musical masterminds of guitarist, Greg Ahee, bassist, Scott Davidson and drummer, Alex Leonard. The four-piece promise to make a significant amount of noise in the small venue. With Dublin being a bit short on post-punk bands, this shouldn’t be one to miss.

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