Onuinu and Wampire at Holocene 7/3

Colette Pomerleau / July 3, 2013

Onuinu and Wampire @ Holocene | 7/3 | Doors 8:30pm | $8/10 | Get Tickets | 21+

Onuinu. Photo courtesy of Onuinu's Facebook.
Onuinu. Photo courtesy of Onuinu’s Facebook.

Portland has enough to brag about, and when Onuinu emerged from the music scene it provided just another discussion topic. Dorian Duvall released Mirror Gazers last year, and the album is hard to stray away from once you’re sucked into the opening tracks. With Duvall’s inspiration for the album title coming from a frustration with a lack of diversity from the Portland music scene, it ultimately stands for self reflection. Duvall has successfully deviated from the Portland-typical, with his electronic melodies rocketing your senses to another mental space. The world sounds provide for a getaway characterized by gleaming colors and comfortable breezes. His songs are a treasure trove. He has been mindful of what is largely accepted and appreciated in the pop music scene, yet does not entirely subscribe to all of the rules. His performances are always fun, effortlessly seducing audiences into dancing all night.

Wampire. Photo courtesy of Robbie Augspurger.
Wampire. Photo courtesy of Robbie Augspurger.

Wampire recently embarked on tour with STRFK, and have been quickly gaining speed on the hype train. Synth illusions allude to the danceable Curiosity, their latest album release. Their darker sound sound is reminiscent of earlier songs from the Cure. The raw vocals blend well with the eager simple melodies. “Giants” particularly stands out as a faster song appropriate for warming you up out of your reservations. If you’re way into lo-fi pop tinged with psychedelia, you’re going to have it bad for this duo.

Both acts will definitely have you on your feet, more than likely not with arms folded. The venue has been known to be the perfect spot for dancing, and Wednesday night’s bill is promising. Both bands are creating their own style of dance music, and here you have an evenness of dark and light undertones.

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