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Show Preview: Maserati, Hot Victory, Grapefruit at Mississippi Studios

Aaron Sharpsteen / March 1, 2013
Maserati. Photo by Corey Woodruff.
Maserati. Photo by Corey Woodruff.

Maserati | Hot Victory | Grapefruit @ Mississippi Studios | 3/2 | $10 (Get Tickets!) | Doors at 8pm | 21+

—There’s no way I can write this preview without a personal note. I’ve been a Maserati fan for a long time, and I thought I was finally going to see them in 2009, when they went on tour with Mono. I was working a very low paying job and I when I couldn’t get the time off, I figured I would catch them the next time they came around. That was in fall of 2009. Months later, the drummer for Maserati, Jerry Fuchs, was dead, and as a drummer for over a decade who loved all of Fuchs stuff, I mourned for the man, and for my stupidity in missing that show. I’ll always remember that one night when I decided to cover a shift at 7-Eleven instead of seeing one of my favorite bands. All we have is now.—

Maserati comes to Mississippi Studios on Saturday night, touring on their latest album, VII. Maserati is a band that has shifted its priorities on every album, from the solid and solidly post-rock Language of Cities through the more psych influenced Inventions for the New Season and up to their latest, which features rhythms which are positively dance oriented. Maserati combines the intricacy of post-rock acts like Tortoise and June of ’44 with a love of more straightforward but not necessarily aggressive rhythms and some ambient guitar parts. This unique combination has lent them a reputation of having one of the best live shows around, and Portlanders who love music will not want to miss out on this one.

The show will be opened up by two Portland music acts that are starting to get some recognition. Directly before Maserati will be Hot Victory, a 2-piece band where both members play the drums as well as trigger synth sounds. This formula might seem like a recipe for sparse or minimalistic sounds, but listening to their recordings makes it obvious that their prerogative is stretching the amount of music that two people can produce. Their percussive and complex approach is an apt opener for a band like Maserati.

Opening up the show is Charlie Salas-Humara, who performs music under the name Grapefruit. Grapefruit will get the psychedelic vibes rolling strong with trance inducing ambient sounds. This isn’t to say the music is going to be slow or droney, a lot of Grapefruit’s jams feature very catchy and upbeat rhythms. These two openers seem to be the perfect fit for Maserati, as Hot Victory represent Maserati’s percussive tendencies and Grapefruit relates more to their psychedelic stuff. They are also both getting some buzz around town so music fans looking for good experimental Portland music are advised to show up early and catch these two artists.

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