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Shlohmo’s Heavyset Re-released EP, Shlo-Fi

Kat Taylor / December 2, 2011

In 2009, a modest debut EP sprang forth from 19-year-old newbie Shlohmo (MySpace). Influenced by artists like DJ Shadow, Flying Lotus, and Amon Tobin, he adds a melodious groove to the glitch scene and manages to experiment without going off the deep end. The lo-fi-loving LA native has been making beats since 14, so it’s no wonder he’s pulling a veteran move at the barely-legal age of 21.

Two years seems like forever in the eyes of a teenager, but this is one instance where the kid might be onto something. Re-releases tend to be reserved for well known bands with decades of material, but this EP deserves a do-over as well. Having grown to a deluxe album with 14 songs, Shlohmo’s re-released “mini-album” should drop the E and add an L.

The five remixes at the end including artists Anenon, S. Maharba, Soosh, and Jameszoo lend an extra flavor to the album without trying to mix sushi with soul food. All in all, this enlarged EP is a super-sized serving of chunky beats, just in time to fatten up for the winter.

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