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Shivastep – Shivastep EP

GK Limcangco / December 5, 2012

Score: 7.6/10.0
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Under his new moniker Shivastep, producer Sean Nelson polished his sound, concocting a six-track debut EP filled with decadent beats. With song names such as “Excess” and “Lustdance”, the L.A-based beat junkie clearly focuses on creating genre-hopping, afterhours club anthems meant to fire up the dance floor.Shivastep is a mixture of hip hop, trance, and dubstep, featuring synths and samples that result in an indulgent treat – hard, relentless beats both carnal and vivid.

Twisting the familiar and adding his own personal touch to come up with fresh new sounds, Shivastep doesn’t shy away from risks and experimentation. But at the same time, he does not wander too far from safe shores. The outcome of his musical exploration is a sound that has a mass appeal but rebels against labels and genres.

Shivastep is an interesting paradox that flows effortlessly but it does have some blemishes. The lyrics. although barely audible. don’t define depth. “Rip” could do without the pop icon and movie star references, specifically to Christina Aguilera and Halle Berry that made this song sound elementary (c’mon, even Eminem is over that). The monotonous portions of some songs linger more than they should, making listeners antsy to hear some faster progressions.

Shivastep does hit some pretty solid beats, especially towards the end of this EP, that makes the time spent waiting worth it. “Hgih” will get you grinding on the dance floor within seconds with its persistent but sensual beats, topped with heavy bass. The sticky dubstep “ILL”, which is one of the best tracks on the record, is a great choice for a closing tune. For his finale Shivastep turns it up a notch that easily gets the listener excited. Suddenly, the 22-minute long EP becomes way too short, but this seems to be intentional. Shivastep just wants to give you a taste of his new creations so you will crave more.

Shivastep is a great start to this DJ’s musical reinvention, opening the door to a bigger, better musical career. This EP serves as an introduction and a handshake that will make you turn on your radar for Shivastep’s future projects. It’s a good EP that holds a lot of promise and a possibility for awesomeness.

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