Secret Colours – Peach

Mike Mule / July 2, 2013

Secret Colours
Movie Scene:
The Cable Guy Karaoke Scene
Mode of Transportation: Beach Cruiser

Here it is: full blown summer. Another season that will be lived vigorously, recklessly, and looked back upon by youths in years to come. Every summer has these soundtracks that are tied to memories of random romance, beach parties, barbecues, new friends with no names, and the romantic idea that it will all last forever. For the lucky ones that come across Secret Colours this summer, it will be a glorious couple of months.

Their latest album, Peach, starts out and maintains the psychedelic free-love vibe that summer is  associated with. Engaging listeners with the happiest of drum beats and spacey guitars track after track, Tommy Evans and Dave Stach put icing on the cake with their whisper-like vocals. Secret Colours develops fifty four minutes of auditory recess from life and anything that may harsh a mellow. The Chicago natives really play off each other instrumentally wise, no ego trips or ripping solos here. Just dudes, being dudes, jamming for other dudes.

“Blackbird”, the opening track off of Peach, is a blissful set up for the rest of the album. Simple yet captivating, the song dances its way through the ears like, well, a blackbird in the sky. Smooth and elegant, it’s a never ending summer day consisting of catching the best waves, grilling the best burgers, or whatever other righteous summer activities one could imagine. Halfway through we get into a little psychedelic jamboree that rings out beautifully into the next bright track.

This summer fun crunchy guitar theme goes on for a few songs, keeping the thought of youth forever alive and the good times rolling. But Secret Colours pumps the brakes at the title track “Peach”, a catchy keyboard-introduced homage to simple adolescent thoughts of misunderstanding life. A nice tune to relax too and fully take in another “best summer ever”. Secret Colours does well in timing out the Peach party with this soft jam.

Don’t ever think there’s not a round two in any life situation, especially summer party albums. While it may be thought that “Faust” is a continuation of “Peach’s” slow vibe (which in some cases it may be), there are still heavy, party influencing rock n’ roll tones that can’t go unnoticed, suitable to revive any down soldier partaking in the summer festivities. This one may be the life-resuscitator of the album.

The three following tracks become more of an after party of the album, slowly winding down yet still holding on to the quick rock n’ roll licks and riffs that can easily be stuck in your head for days. The perfect build up for the albums close ” Love Like A Fool”. This is your typical slow jam album-ender. Soft pianos, vocals, and slight guitar pickage, this gentle jam closes up the album, and will be a great reminder of another fun filled summer.

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