Seattle Rock Orchestra Performs the Best of Radiohead’s ‘The Bends’ and ‘OK Computer’ (WIN TICKETS)

Nikki Benson / February 10, 2011

Seattle Rock Orchestra @ The Moore | 02/19 | 8pm | $18 Get Tickets | All Ages

Radiohead may just be a distant memory for 2011 music elitists, but one can’t deny that they are one of the most influential, forward-thinking bands of generation Y. Listeners have built memories not only on individual songs but also entire albums. I still remember I was about 16 and one of the older kids, someone who was too cool for me, told me that “Climbing Up Your Walls” off OK Computer was his favorite Radiohead song. I went home and listened to it 10 times in a row so I could be dark and cool like him.  Then there was the time when my first set of roommates and I all piled onto a king size bed, dimmed the lights, and listened to Kid A from start to finish. Hail to the Thief came about when I got my first studio apartment on my own. In the end, we all have our own stories to tell (Feel free to share one of yours in the comment section below).

Seattle Rock Orchestra is known for putting on grandiose shows with 50-piece arrangements and local celebrity  guest vocalists. February 19th’s tribute to Radiohead will include Jon Auer of The Posies, Rachel Flotard of Visqueen, Jim Antonio of the Purrs, John Van Deusen of The Lonely Forest, Joshua Morrison, Tom Beecham of the Raggedy Anns, Kaylee Cole, Michele Khazak and Noah Gundersen of the Courage, and more.

Trust us–you won’t be disappointed by this show. For your chance to win tickets to this event, e-mail with the phrase “Green Plastic Watering Can (02/19)” in the subject line. Don’t forget to include your first and last name for the guest list. We’ll holler back if you win (Please follow @SSGPromo to keep tabs on all of our giveaways).

Seattle Rock Orchestra with guest vocalist Shenandoah Davis performing “In the Backseat” by Arcade Fire.

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