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Lindsey Scully / May 17, 2012

The annual Seattle International Film Fest starts May 17 and goes through June 10. You can view various films at many Seattle theaters as well as the SIFF Cinema. With over 400 films to choose from you will definitely find one (or five) that intrigue you. The SIFF website has a SIFFterthat allows you to filter the films by genre, country of origin, day, time, or even venue. This tool is fantastic and makes the overwhelming festival easier to manage. Also, check out the great trailer World Famous put together for SIFF 2012; how many films can you name that they featured?

With the overwhelming choices available at SIFF over the next few weeks we have picked a few to highlight for this first week. Be sure to check back for our choices for the rest of SIFF.

Citadel @ Egyptian Theater | 5/18 | 11:59pm | $9-11 (Get Tickets)

Tommy is a panicked husband and new father who suffers from agoraphobia but must muster the strength to save his newborn child. On the run with a blind boy and a renegade priest, the trio must escape the town, which is full of a gang of feral children intent on kidnapping Tommy’s child.

Fat Kid Rules The World @ Egyptian Theater | 5/19 with Matthew Lillard | 6:30pm| $9-11 (Get Tickets)


Matthew Lillard is well-known for his roles in various movies like “Scream” and “SLC Punk,” but many don’t realize his talent behind the camera. “Fat Kid Rules The World” is Lillard’s film adaptation of the novel by K.L. Going. Two different outcasts are brought together by fate. Troy tries to kill himself by stepping in front of a bus while Marcus saves him. The movie continues on with the two’s relationship growing and their bond cemented over their punk band.

The Great Bear @ AMC Pacific Place | 5/20 | 11am | $5-6 (Get Tickets)

This is an animated film from Denmark with English subtitles. A young boy named Jonathon and his younger sister Sophie go to visit their grandfather who lives near a large forest. The one rule for the summer is that they cannot leave the yard or they might get lost in the woods. Ultimately Sophie gets captured by the Great Bear, who is 1,000 years old, and Jonathon sets out to find her and meets a hunter who has been tracking the bear for years.

God Bless America @ SIFF Cinema Uptown| 5/22 | 9:30pm | $9-11 (Get Tickets)

Bobcat Goldthwait is at his dark humor again with “God Bless America.” This knee-jerk film is about a man who lost his job and got diagnosed with terminal cancer, then decided that enough was enough and he needs to rid the world of idiotic people and pop culture. Frank’s “work” is discovered by 16-year-old Roxy who ends up joining him on the ride to detox the world they live in.

2 Days in New York @ Egyptian Theater | 5/23 | 9pm | $9-11 (Get Tickets)

Image via SIFF

After the success of her movie “2 Days in Paris,” Julie Delpy created “2 Days in New York” as a sequel and continues to create quirky and sometimes awkward moments in the film. Her character Marion’s new boyfriend is played by Chris Rock, which will help add to the humor level on this film.

El Gusto: The Good Mood @ AMC Pacific Place | 5/25 | 1:30pm | $9-11 (Get Tickets)

Image via SIFF

Back in the 1950’s there was a mixed group in Algiers that combined Arab and Jewish students together, creating music as a whole. Due to the War of Independence the orchestra and group were no longer, and many of the students have not spoken nor played together in the past fifty years. When director Safina Bousbia learned of this story she knew that it must be told and she created “El Gusto: The Good Mood.” Thanks to Bousbia, some of those students were able to play together even though they are in their early 70’s now.

 Let us know what SIFF films you are going to see this week in the comments below! 

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