Seattle Local: Seatac Airport Music Extravaganza

Suzi Pratt / January 30, 2012
Recess Monkey | All photos by Suzi Pratt

On Saturday, the SeaTac Airport Music Initiative PlayNetwork event took place at the south end baggage claim to kick of our city’s new local music initiative. Local bands Recess Monkey, Fly Moon Royalty, Carrie Clark and the Lonesome Lovers, and The Dusty 45’s played in the airport amidst music fans, dancing kids, Seattle Mayor Mike McGinn, and passengers freshly arriving to Seattle-Tacoma International Airport.  The latter are the target audience of this new initiative that will feature local music playing overhead at the airport, overhead safety and informational announcements read by local musicians, music video segments on terminal monitors, a web-based multi-channel music player, and an Android music playlist.  For more information on the Experience the City of Music project, check out the official press release.  Also, enjoy photos from Saturday afternoon’s celebration are below!

Recess Monkey

Fly Moon Royalty

Carrie Clark and the Lonesome Lovers

The Dusty 45’s

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