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Seattle Local: Pearl Dragon Got Caught in a House Fire, Still Playing Free Champagne Champagne Show Tonight

Nikki Benson / March 5, 2012
Photo Credit: Nikki Benson

Pearl Dragon, one of the beloved emcees in Champagne Champagne, was caught in a house fire on February 24, 2012, days after his birthday on February 18th. He kept it quiet while he was being treated, but has recently divulged some details to SSG Music.

Dragon told us that the stove was left on in his apartment after making tea, and a grease fire broke out. In the attempt to put the fire out, he sustained second and third degree burns on both of his legs and right foot. He was treated at Harborview for seven days, where they took skin grafts from both of his hips to start the repair process on his injuries.

Photo Credit: Pearl Dragon

He’s bound, but back on his feet and grateful to be alive.

Tonight, Champagne Champagne and Brite Futures (fka Natalie Portman’s Shaved Head) will be at The Crocodile filming a TV pilot for a series entitled One Night Only.  The concept is for two bands to show up and have a mere three hours to formulate a collaborative set. The set may include (but are not limited to) songs from each band, and maybe some covers. After a few hours, the producer will sit down with all the artists for dinner, drinks, and conversation. When dinner is over, they perform the set for fans in the back bar.

When we asked Pearl Dragon why he was going to participate in this days after being released from a burn unit, he told SSG Music, “Because it was scheduled. I’m grateful for the fact that I’m walking. We’re still going on a European tour March 10th, so it’s good practice. Also, surviving this has given me a new aspect on positive thinking—when it looks like there is no way, there is still a way. I’ve been making a lot of progress in my recovery because of positive thinking, and though I might not be as mobile, I’m going to bring nothing but good vibes to the filming tonight.”

The filming starts tonight a 8:00pm. It’s a free show at The Crocodile; 21+. Come out and show Pearl some love, but be very gentle when you hug him.

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