Screaming Females, Art Fad and Sword of a Bad Speller at The Crux

Dustin Verburg / April 4, 2012

Screaming Females, Art Fad, Sword of a Bad Speller @ The Crux | 4/17 | $10 | 7pm | All Ages

Promo image courtesy of Screaming Females

By the time this show comes around, New Jersey’s Screaming Females will have released Ugly, their fifth full length album. In their seven years as a band, Screaming Females have honed their approach to punk rock into something sharper and stronger than any diamond. Frontwoman Marissa Paternoster is one of the most skilled and creative guitar players in the world of underground rock, and her songwriting skills are just as good. Screaming Females are a live band that guarantees everyone in the audience will end up with their faces boiling and dripping off of their heads, kind of like that scene near the end of Robocop– but much less painful.

Promo image courtesy of Art Fad

Caldwell’s Art Fad plays rollicking garage punk with a splash of art damage. Loud, fuzzy, energetic and sometimes cooly detached, Art Fad expertly hides pop gems under layers of buzzing guitars and fast drums.

Promo image courtesy of Sword of a Bad Speller

Boise’s Sword of a Bad Speller take a sort of surrealist approach to hip hop. Lo-fi beats are stacked on warbling guitars bizarre, often non-sequiter lyrics. Though Sword of a Bad Speller isn’t a comedy act, there is never a point where they take themselves too seriously.

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