Sasquatch! 2011: Death From Above 1979

Nikki Benson / May 27, 2011

DFA 1979 performing for the Sasquatch 2011 audience (All Photos by Daniel Ahrendt)

Just had a wonderful time at Death From Above 1979 (DFA)–so many dreams were realized tonight. As many people already know, DFA has been inactive since 2006. I was one of the lucky few that had a friend back in the day who said, “Dude, you gotta check out this band. They are playing with These Arms Are Snakes at Neumos. I know you’re going to like them.” Sure enough it was an amazing show. Soon after I went out and got You’re A Woman, I Am A Machine. Little did I know that the band would soon go on an indefinite hiatus. Oh well. When they were announced to play Coachella 2011, I like many of their fans, old and new, freaked out. It was finally our turn, Pacific Northwest! We got to see DFA1979.

Sebastian Grainger’s massive mouth

The question that everyone wants to know: Where they any good? … Yes—very good. The came out guns a blazing. Sebastien Grainger (drums/vocals) was all in white, hair bleach blonde, Jesse F. Keeler (bass/synth keys/ vocals) all in black, every black strand of hair in place. They played every song off You’re A Woman, I Am A Machine. About midway though the set, Grainger pointed to the folks in the back and asked, “How is the view?” With a light chuckle he added, “Not you guys” pointing the crowd in the front, “we know we look good. I’m talking to the people in…the Gorge. This place just smacks off effort. I mean, it isn’t enough with beautiful rocks, there is the beautiful lake, and all the beautiful trees…” It was pretty funny seeing him be a fashion hipster, jovially spitting on the “effort” of the George being so beautiful.

The audience for DFA 1979

The highlight for me was “Pull Out”—the one-minute, forty-nine second song of full-throttle madness. I finally got to sing along at the top of my lungs to the real thing. The crowd favorite was “Romantic Rights.” Sebastien Grainger came from behind his drum set for the extended decrescendo of the song, flirted with the audience as he sang “Come here baby/ I love your company/ we could do it and start a family/ she was living alone unhappily/ we could do it/ it’s right romantically” over and over. It was a first seeing him give us more than a seated stage show.

Death From Above’s post, post humous banner

They ended the set with a song I didn’t recognize which could have been one of two things: One, it was an old song that I haven’t heard before. Or two, it was a new song. I’m guessing it was a new song because there were some vocoder vocals from Jesse F. Keeler. If so, it was pretty good. The hope is that we’ll get some new music out of those boys. We’ll see!

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