SambaDá to Take Over Nectar Lounge 8/07

August 5, 2014

Picoso, SambaDá, DJ Chilly (Manos Arriba / 90.3 KEXP) | $10 adv / $12 dos | 8pm | 21+

Photo Credit: Charley Mixson

Samba, samba, samba! If you’re anything like me, your relationship to Samba may be confined to the professional routines you’ve seen in the movies (or now on YouTube) that you can never do. Perhaps a few cracks at the dance while you were in the appropriate dance setting, the comfort of your own home. This Thursday, Nectar Lounge is hosting an evening of Brazilian dance, including the world renowned samba group,  SambaDá, that may just be enough for you to venture into a more public setting with your samba twerks.

Samba is the Afro-centric Brazilian dance that holds the country’s spirit of party in the shake of its hips. Carnival!

Don’t freak out! It’s not required for SambaDá followers to come to the show with it all hanging out. I have it on good authority that whoever you are and however you come, you’ll be accepted and loved at this party–as long as you’re willing to shake it, that is.

Here’s a video of SambaDá:

Get tickets to the show here.

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