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“Ruidoson”: A New Genre Birthed From Northern Mexico

Melissa Daniels / October 17, 2011

A new type of sound is being birthed in the Latin culture. It’s called ruidoson, literally translating into “noise music,” and it’s trending across the Latin DJ culture.

The hosts of NPR’s Alt. Latino podcast, Jasmine Gards and Felix Contreras, shared about the “unexpected pairing: electronica and folk.”

“A lot of these guys are going old-fashioned crate diving, going to record stores, looking for obscure stuff. They’re finding elements within that music and mixing it up with electronica – that’s just making fascinating music,” Contreas said in his broadcast.

Garsd explains how this new genre is coming out of northern Mexico as a type of fusion between regional Mexican music, folk, pre-Colombian beats and electronica. One example is “Ritmo De Amor” by Los Macuanos.

The violence and strain occurring at the Mexican border, is affecting the sounds of ruidoson. The sounds coming out of the new genre are “really dark, almost apocalyptic” Garsd explained.

New York-based DJ Geko Jones, an American who is rooted in Colombian and Puerto Rican heritage is a great example of this innovative variety. He is known for mixing obscure music from Colombia. Check out his track “Las Cuatro Palomas” below.

Ruidoson is also known as tribal guarachero. And in addition to the unique clash of music, there is also an extravagant pointy-boot fashion that has become synonymous with the music. Men are wearing boots that feature three to four feet pointed tips.

Garsd and Contreras also suggest checking out music from ZZK and Waxploitation.

Ritmo de Amor (Sheeqo Beat Remix) – Los Macuanos by Sheeqo Beat

Las Cuatro Palomas Remix by deejays Geko Jones and Reaganomics by gekojones



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