Hot! Roger Sellers’s Twilight Beats at SXSW

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Richard Sellers at The 2nd House, SXSW, March 16th 2011

Opportunity knocks, but on this evening opportunity came riding around on double-decker mutant bikes playing Black Flag. I jumped on my Univega and followed the cyclists to downtown Austin, snaking through the SXSW gridlock. The assembly began to grow into a mob as we made our way through, passed the Fader Fort, and towards a residential subdivision. The stage was set up in front of a tool shed, with another corner positioned as the ‘bar’ area, serving keg beer and baked goods. The name of the venue, “2nd House”, was painted on a linen hanging from the garage.

A man with a glut of guitar pedals and a synthesizer was performing on stage. The San Marcos-based performer stunned with his last three songs, a mixture of glo-fi tracks. A few ladies felt compelled to hula hoop in front of the stage. On any other night it would have been a backyard house show, but thanks to Roger Sellers, this felt a whole lot like seaside dance party on the Balearic Isles. After running through the Altered Zones showcase at the ND, this show was a welcome Texan reprise.

The set ended too early to call it a night– a few more night clubs  were hosting electronic dance music on the SXSW circuit. Willy Joy from Chicago played a few funky tracks, including Tensnake’s 90’s house remix of Azari & III, before the night converged on a harsher, electrohouse sound. In comparison to the house show, the night club vibe off East 6th was too postured to sustain and I made an early exit.


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