Live Review: Silversun Pickups, School of Seven Bells, and Atlas Genius

Lindsey Bluher / September 10, 2012
Silversun Pickups, All Photos by Amber Zbitnoff

There are some bands that really do love their fans as much as their fans love them, and I saw example after example of that last night at the Silversun Pickups show at the Moore Theatre. When I originally heard about this show and its previous location (Marymoor Park) I was pretty excited – this band seems like one that would put on a great outdoors show. At the Moore, however, they truly came alive under the chandeliers as hoards of fans danced in every aisle, jumped on stage, or swayed in their seats from 50 feet above the floor.

We could speculate for a while as to why the band moved the performance into the city, but I think everyone did enough of that at the Moore last night. Instead, let’s talk about why my eardrums were still ringing 12 hours after I left my position in the front row. To put it plainly, Silversun Pickups are a true, solid, unwavering rock band. And in case you’ve been asleep, there aren’t too many of those around these days. Trust me.

Is it just me or does it feel really cool when a touring band raves (believably) about how much they love your city? In-between songs front man Brian Aubert went on and on about how they had played every possible venue in Seattle, including some venues that aren’t really venues (Um, the Fremont Troll for example!). Playing material they’d never played live before (“Here We Are (Chancer)”), putting on an impressive light show, and closing with a dramatic encore, this was a show that confirmed every fans love for Silversun Pickups. And restored this music writer’s faith that rock and roll is alive and well.

The night had two openers. The first was Atlas Genius, which if you were at 107.7 The End’s Summer Camp you may already be familiar with. If not, you should probably prepare to hear their single “Trojans” in the very near future played every hour on the hour. That song is adolescent gold – catchy and well written, it will without fail get stuck in your head for days. While “Trojans” got me singing along, the song that really captured the crowd is one not on their 2012 EP Through The Glass, a track called “Electric.” The song was more captivating and mature sounding than just about anything else they played, and just sounded the most unique. It gave the crowd a bass drum driven momentum that pushed everyone excitedly onward, and was an unquestionable highlight of the night.

Atlas Genius

The second opener was a total surprise and charmed the audience silly. Throughout the night, I heard people turning to one another asking what the name of this band was. And in case you couldn’t get a straight answer, School of Seven Bells is a name you’ll probably be hearing again. Equal parts rock and dream-pop, their live show is able to be a spectacle without being a gimmick. Led by a singer/guitarist whose voice is as pretty as she is, the band won over a room of new fans at the Moore, and were the most perfect opener I can fathom for Siversun Pickups.

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