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Reverb Fest: That’s a Wrap

Nikki Benson / October 11, 2011
(What to see at Reverb?) Photo by: Nikki Benson

This is the first year I’ve been to Reverb Fest, and let me just tell you, I’ve been missing out. There is a casual attitude about Reverb because it’s virtually all local artists. You can see them any time, and you can see them all the time, right? Well, the spin on this stigma is that this particular grouping of local artists was curated by people who have a keen interest in the music scene, and at times, an ironic sense of humor (like putting The Cops and Don’t Talk to the Cops on the same stage, back to back). The main questions of the day were, “What to see first?” and “What to see next?”

There were lots of shows to choose from. All in all, it was a very classy, diversified grouping of artists. If you were into DIY hip-hop, you could see Dyme Def early in the day, Metal Chocolates, Don’t Talk to the Cops, Katy Kate, Mash Hall, and Grynch. If you like strong women, you could start with Kaylee Cole at 2pm, Katy Kate at 8pm, Fly Moon Royalty at 8:30, and walked it over to Kelli Schaefer at 9pm. If you had hankering for some garage rock with the beach-wave flavor, Pony Time was available for your viewing pleasure. Did you want to check out some absurd-rock? SW had you covered with Spurm (pass). What about the hardened post-rock lovers (ME)? was on hand, and they put their backs into it.

There was music all day long, all up and down the Ballard strip, and there was lots of good food to grab, too. My top three shows of the day were, Metal Chocolates, and Kelli Schaefer. Click the following links to see the videos and comments on Metal Chocolates, Pony Time,, Fly Moon Royalty, and Kelli Schaefer.

Here are a few photos of homies on the fly outside of one of the Reverb Fest venues, and be sure to catch Reverb 2012. I hear the fine folks over at Seattle Weekly are already making plans, and it’s going to be good.

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